Public procurement

Institutions, local authorities, multinational organizations, governments or corporations and private companies – they are all subjected to different rules for procurement, creating business opportunities for different target groups.

Even though the main area of activity of these entities can seem completely different from the activity domain of the company or institution that you are representing, each of them needs similar measures in order to ensure functioning in optimal conditions. For example, the staff has to be correctly equipped, the desks have to be functional, the transportation has to be covered, the security at the workplace has to be maintained, the stocks have to be delivered and so on and so forth. These requiremends need, therefore, the involvement of all sorts of suppliers, starting from bulb suppliers to app developers.

Taking into account that these assets or services have to be purhased in conformity with the national transparency policies, the entity in question must publish an aquisition announcement which, naturally, would generate business opportunities. All you have to do is make a task book, wait for the offering requests and hope that all will go as planned, but is it, really, this easy?

What can Best Smart Consulting do for you?

The aquisition norms vary not just on the country but also on the legal framework and the type of entity in discussion. The parts whoa are interested to participate at auctions and public procurement have to:

  • Search for information from many sources, articles and publications
  • Get familiarized with different structures and aquisition notice
  • Answer vague questions and look for clarifcations in reference to them in order to be able to answer
  • Cope with unreasonable terms
  • Elaborate data sheets and support documents
  • Elaborate appeals or answers the appeals
  • Evaluate offers and documentations

These points prove themselves to be time counsuming and they need certain resources to be fulfilled at the required standards. This is where Best Smart Consulting comes into action, by offering consulting in the public procurement domain. Best Smart’s consulting team has a vast experience in the auction and aquisition procedures at regional and national level.

Consulting ensures your future!