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The financial success of each company, regardless of its field of activity, is given by each of its employees and, especially, by the level of training that the employees have for the work they perform. Studies carried out in recent years at a European level show that investing in employee training leads to profit and turnover increases.

In 2015, at European level, 72.6% of companies were offering their employees training opportunities. According to the same study on continunous vocational training, only 26.7% of the Romanian enterprises offered training courses to their employees. The European Commission calls on Romania in its latest monitoring report in 2018 to improve its capacity to increase the level of professional skills.

Because we value very much the relevance of the information we provide, all Best Smart trainers are true specialists in their fields of activity. Meritorious graduates of universities and postgraduate studies both in local and at prestigious educational institutions abroad, Best Smart trainers are former and current managers in multinational companies from Romania, consultants with extensive experience and know-how obtained from the work environment.

Best Smart Consulting – A small history

Best Smart Consulting came to life to offer specialization courses and training to Romanian companies and institutions so that they can enjoy success and increase their productivity.
First management consulting contract
First ANC authorization courses
The first training contract won at a public auction
The first marketing consulting contract for social entrepreneurs
The first course in the field of industrial management
First consulting mission in ex ante and ex post analysis
The first corporate event organized
The first project financed from European funds POSDRU - CASPO
The first consulting contract in the Republic of Moldova followed by many other training and consulting contracts
The first PNDR project- Learn to develop
Launch of the Industrial Academy concept
2018 - 2019
Implementation of the POCU projects - "Tomorrow's Industry" and "Start Industry 4.0"

Be SMART and you will become the BEST

Statistics show that companies that offer training programs to employees earn 218% more income per employee than companies that do not provide training services. They also enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training. The conclusion is that investing in employee training and development is not only an inspired decision, but also a recommended one.

Best Smart courses are not basic processes of teaching concepts and techniques. During these courses, we provide practical examples and rely on exercises that generate answers to problematic situations commonly encountered by students. The results are increased employee productivity, active involvement in daily tasks, and reduced staff turnover.

We focus on quality, performance and excellence because we think about the business performance of our customers. We give our best to make your employees the smartest and your business to reach the top.

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