Project Manager

Each of us had to do, at least once, something from start to finish. Be them organizing a wedding, building an aeroplane factory, projects have something in common: a manager who takes care of everything regarding the project, planning, budget, implementation and measuring the results. This course will help you create a full project, regardless of the activity of your company.

  • Increasing planning abilities, organizing and controlling the specific project management
  • Approach, understanding and applying methods, techniques and instruments specific to project management
  • Improving the capacity to succesfully apply in your company the knowledge gained during the course

Introduction: Presentations, setting expectations, establishing the objectives

  • Debriefing – introduction of the project
  • Defining the projects and the roadblocks
  • Identifying the interested parts and their interests
  • Project life-cycle
  • Project fundamentals and elaborating the project proposition. Feasability. Requirements/Specifics
  • Decision making process

Planning, organizing and securing resources 

  • Compilation of the project structure on stages, activity packages and activities
  • Project planning
  • Estimating the necessary resources for the activities
  • Estimating the costs of the activities
  • Uniformization of resources consumption
  • Risk management. Risks that can impact a project


  • Risk control and risk management methods
  • Financial analysis methods
  • Case study
  • Project monitoring and control and exercises: group tasks
  • Project manager role

Project closure

  • Monitoring and evaluating team performances. Conflict management
  • Project quality management
  • Configuration management
  • Case study

Liliana Glejaru

Are you organizing your vacations by using a Gantt graphic? Are you reporting to your partner on the home administrative activities? Going out on a Friday night seems like a market research? Are you constantly calculating the risks and benefits of any activity? If the answer is ‚yes’, then it’s quite clear: you’re among the chosen ones. We’re the project gods, the project managers. I am Liliana and I admit: I am addicted to the project adrenaline rush. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and, because I am doing it very well, I decided to pass this on to those who are not afraid to become addicted. Regardless if it’s about industrial investments or multinational companies, in any company you need a person who can handle, plan and organize the activity.

Education and professional certificates:

University Studies

  • UPB, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, Biochemical Engeneering Speciality (1990-1995)


  • Project Management Certification, CODECS
  • Coach Certificate, CODECS
  • Project Manager Certificate, Exelo Trading and Development
  • Expert Certificate for Accessing European Structural and Cohesion Funds, Euro Best Team

Professional Experience:

  • Head of Project Management Department, Iprochim S.A
  • Project manager and chemical technologist, Iprochim S.A.


Expert coach for the PROJECT MANAGER course in the following projects with European funding (2011-2013):

  • „Together for social dialogue in Romania „– POSDRU, Major Ax 3
  • „Increasing the workers and companies capabilities”, DMI 3.3.
  • „Partnership development and initiatives incouraging for social partners and civil society”

Simona Frîncu

I am a trainer with 20 years of experience in the industry. I trained over 700 managers from the public and private environment, to develop in terms of project management, maintenance management, time and goals management. It’s possible you meet me in the parc or in the mountains, but only if i’m not in a training room, training the intelligence of future managers.

Education and professional certificates:

University Studies

  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Specialization: Physics and Environmental Protection (1991-1996), Bucharest
  • “Nicolae Titulescu” University, Faculty of Law, Specialization: Law and International Relations (1995-2000), Bucharest

Postgraduate Studies

  • University of Iași, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Specialization: Occupational Safety and Health (2007-2008), Iași
  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, Specialization: International Law (2001-2002), Bucharest


  • Environment Specialist Certificate  Inoventiv SVASTA ICG
  • B2 English Level Certificate
  • Business Analysis  – Exelo
  • Internal auditor for quality certificates and work safety
  • Management Professional Diploma – CODECS
  • Internal auditor certificate for quality and environment –  Quasaro Consultant
  • Project Manager Certificate –  CODECS
  • The role of Local Administration in climate change Diploma – USAID
  • Environment Protection Certificate – CNFCAPL

Professional experience:

  • Teacher – Universitatea Petrol-Gaze Ploiești – Catedra de Fizică
  • Environment Inspector – Primăria Municipiului Ploiești
  • Counselor – Direcţia de Integrare Europeană
  • Environment Coordinator – SC Timken Romania SA
  • Environment Expert – Environment Ministry
  • Project Manager Trainer
  • Maintenance Manager – SC Timken Romania SA

Whole package promotion

This course will help you to make a perfect project from head to toe, regardless of whether the company where you work or will work, does cleaning or builds highways.