GAL trainings for Beneficiaries

The course is addressing the beneficiaries who are running a project or the ones who would like to implement one.

The course offers the possibility to identify the needs and problems that the GAL project beneficiaries are confronting with during the implementation/monitoring process and development of solutions to the problems.

  • Knowing the national and the european legislative framework
  • Correct interpretation and application of the legislation
  • Which are the main possible irregularities and ways of prevention
  • How are the additional acts done and the public procurement file
  • Notions of Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice;
  • You will acquire the necessary skills to prepare payment requests;
  • You will learn how to prepare documentation for obtaining permits / operating documents from DSP, DSV, Environment, Tourism, ANRSC (where applicable);
  • You will plan your time as well as that of others involved in the project
  • You will manage a budget;
  • You will take corrective action;
  • You will learn how to find the best solutions to inherent problems;
  • Practical applications;
  • Preparation of payment requests files;
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining investment operation documents from the competent authorities: DSP, DSV, Environment;
  • Identifying problems and how to solve them.
  • You will lead a team with maximum caution and professionalism;

Iulia Achiriţoaei

Professional experience:

Administrator at Rit Trade SRL, Neamţ County (consulting company in European funds)

Expert within the North East RDA from Piatra Neamț, ROP IB Directorate, Project Monitoring Service

Business information manager – Association of Romanian / Bucharest Communes

GAL Manager – Ştefan cel Mare Local Action Group Association, Iași County

Mentor Trainer appointed for Neamț County within the strategic project “Commune promoting the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas” – ACOR – Association of Romanian Communes, Bucharest

Financial Manager – S.C. Cristache Consulting S.R.L., B-dul Socola, Granit Business Center, Iași

Financing Specialist Economist and Financing Referent – S.C. CONEX Consulting S.R.L., Iasi

Commercial worker within the City Hall of Iași


  • Local development strategy LAG „Colinele Iașilor” (No. IS5005 / 02.05.2012), selected for financing with 90 points, The EAFRD public value of the strategy is 850,000 Euro. The strategy includes a number of 57 projects, of which 22 projects contain environmental actions broken down by the following measures: 41,121, 41,312, 41,313, 41,322, 421 of the Leader Axis of the NRDP.


  • “Acquisition of a garbage truck in Mogoșești, Iaşi county”;
  • “Acquisition of a garbage truck in Mironeasa, Iași county”;
  • “Acquisition of a bulldozer with accessories for road maintenance in Dagâța, Iași county”;
  • “Modernization of the agricultural holding Dobircianu Codrin Nicolae”;
  • „Modernization of the agricultural holding S.C. Agrimarvas S.R.L. ”;
  • “Modernization of the agricultural holding Butnaru C. Constantin”;
  • Modernization of the Slabu Ionel PFA agricultural holding;
  • “Sighs, tears and pain”; “With you in the most difficult moments”.
  • “Construction of agrotourism pension in Mogoșești, Iași county

Iulia Achirițoaiei

I’m Iulia, I’m an economist and my passions are projects and talking to with people.

You will find me with a team or with a person who wants to access European funds. I went from writing and implementing projects funded by European funds to evaluating funding applications and monitoring project implementation.

I certainly know how to write a funding application and implement a project for a backhoe, a garbage truck, a farm or a funeral home.

And because I like to talk, sometimes too much, I share my experience as a trainer in the field of projects: from their management to fraud and irregularities, risks in implementation, preparation of payment requests and reimbursement.

Education and professional certificates:

University studies

  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Al. Ioan Cuza from Iași, specialization Banks and Stock Exchanges

  Postgraduate studies

  • Master in “Project Management” specialization from Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iași, Programs Department



Specialization course “Public Procurement Expert”, DCG Development Consulting Group, Bucharest, Romania

Specialization course “Entrepreneurial skills”, DCG Development Consulting Group, Bucharest, Romania

Specialization course “Trainer of trainers”, DCG Development Consulting Group, Bucharest, Romania

Advanced course “Manager in tourism”, IRECSON, Iasi, Iasi County, Romania

Training course “Effective Management Consultancy”, ANIMMC – National Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises, Iasi, Iasi County, Romania

“Structural Funds” training course, ANIMMC – National Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises, Iași, Iași County, Romania

Participation diploma for graduating the course “Initiation in Trading. Business Opportunities ”, S.C. Profit Point S.R.L., Iași, Iași County, Romania

Graduation diploma of the workshop “Entrepreneurial Trainng Workshop”, Territorial Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Iași, Iași County, Romania through the EMPRETEC Program, managed by the National Agency of Small and Medium Enterprises

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