Expert in accessing structural and cohesion funds

This course is addressing all the people who want to learn how to write European funded projects; the public administration staff, entrepreneurs, business development responsible managers; those who are interested to develop skills for accessing structural and cohesion funds.

The course offers the understanding of the general framework of the EU economic and social cohesion policies in the current programming operation; Knowledge of the current institutional and normative framework for accessing the structure of funds and cohesion funds; Understanding the coherent succession of steps in developing of a feasible, viable and sustainable project; Sketching of the main tools used in the elaboration of the design; Understanding how to present a project for a funding applications; Sketch a grant application to access structural funds or cohesion funds.

  • EU policy on economic and social cohesion and the purpose of the intervention of structural instruments
  • Structural Instruments in Romania: from programming to implementation
  • Project management cycle at European level (PCM)
  • Status of current Operational Programs
  • Horizontal themes in the projects financed from the Structural Instruments
  • Establishing the project idea in a given context
  • Fundamenting the project through relevant and adequate analysis in regards with the idea of the project
  • Logical structuring and project planning
  • Documentation of the fundamenting of the project planning (cost-benefit analysis, business plan)
  • The logic of project self-evaluation depending on the financing conditions
  • Correlation of the analysis and project documentation with the chapters of the funding application
  • The selection process and the use of the grids in the self-assessment of the funding application
  • How to use MySMIS
  • Sustainable development and equal opportunities
  • Frequent mistakes in project preparation and submission of funding applications
  • Risk identification and budgeting

Daniela Vlăsceanu

Professional experience

  • L&G Business Services Consulting Expert
  • Avensa, TeamNet consortium Expert
  • Trainer for Excelo Training & Development;
  • IBM Consultant
  • Consultant and coach for Vlascod Cons SRL;
  • CODECS Coach;
  • EWC Romania Coach
  • Project Manager at Griro
  • Consultant and coach for Intrarom
  • Junior LTE for PM Limited Bucureşti;
  • Consultant for Handor Management Consulting
  • Expert for WIG International București;
  • Trainer for Administration National Institute Bucharest
  • Senior STE for Infogroup Business Consulting Bucureşti;
  • Senior STE for Ramboll Management București;
  • Expert for Equinoccio București;
  • Consultant for Galați Alfa Group SRL
  • Trainer for QCERT Suceava;
  • Trainer For EMCER Consult Petroşani;
  • Trainer for EMCER Râmnicu Sărat;
  • Project Manager for Brăila Mixera SRL;
  • General Director for Brăila Mixera SRL;

Part of the following professional associations:

  • National Association for Entrepreneurial Development (ANDAN) – 2002 – 2004
  • National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises, Fil. Galaţi, Vice President – 1999 – 2003

I am Daniela, I am an engineer and an economist and I stronly believe in how trainings can change people and careers.
If you’re seeing my in the classroom I am surely explaining what is to be found behind a balance sheet or how a budget paln can be made. You’ll also see me, with the same amount of passion, training the entrepreneurs or supporting them in making a business plan. A lot of times I integrate financial management and project management or the methods than can be used to write a grant application.

Education and professional certificates

University studies

  • Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Energy, Specialization: Thermoelectric Power Plants (1974-1977)
  • Hyperion University, Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics, Specialization: Accounting (2008-2011)

Postgraduate studies

  • National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, Specialization: Project Management (2011-2013)


  • Management Diploma, The Open University Business School, UK
  • ANC Coach Diploma
  • ANC Project Manager Diploma
  • ANC Aquistion Expert Diploma

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