State of emergency = State of major force?

Are the state of emergency measures imposed by the authorities affecting your activity?

Are you asking yourself if and how we can support the usual expenses (rent, bills, salaries) during the state of emergency?

Are the contractors refusing to adapt the contracts to the new state of emergency reality?

Are the contracts with your suppliers imposing you obligations even during the state of emergency?

Do you intend to suspend all your employees’ contracts?

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Did you know that…?

  • it is very important how ‘state of major force’ is defined in the contracts that you are signing?
  • You can be exonerated of contractual liability in certain situations of major force?
  • State of major force and unforseeable circumstances are two different concepts?
  • Between the parties of a contract the contract terms are enacting the law?

What do I obtain if I invest some money in consulting?

The benefits would be the following: the official opinion of a proper legal adviser on the available solutions for being exonerated of the contractual liability, the compensation of damage caused by the decreeing of the state of emergency and a set of procedures to follow in order to avoid loss caused by the lack of cashflow.

What is the added value of knowing information on the state of major force in the current context?

The added value consists of the adaptation to the reality generated by the state of emergency of the contracts between your company and the suppliers, customers and employees.

Consulting services

  • Analisys and evaluation of the contracts with your supliers/employees
  • Mediation proceedings for disputes
  • Obtaining certificates for the state of major force
  • Initialization of the debt recovery/exoneration of contractual liability process
  • Legal advisory for payment default procedure

Consulting ensures your future!