Concordant Preventive & Insolvency Prevention

Entrepreneurs – debtors, in financial difficulty, who want to prevent the entry into insolvency proceedings after lifting the restrictions imposed during the state of emergency.

Are you a financially distressed debtor?
Do you want to prevent insolvency proceedings?
Want to know the differences between insolvency and preventive settlement?
Want to know how to open and run a preventive arrangement procedure?
Do you want to know the advantages of the preventive composition procedure?

Information on the procedure for opening the preventive arrangement, how this procedure is carried out and its advantages.

  • Did you know that you can prevent insolvency or bankruptcy through insolvency prevention procedures?
  • Did you know that during the approved preventive composition all enforcement procedures are suspended?
  • Did you know that during the approved preventive arrangement, the insolvency procedure cannot be opened against the debtor?
  • Did you know that insolvency prevention procedures are administered by insolvency practitioners?

What preventive agreement means

Who and under what conditions can access the preventive composition procedure

How to open the preventive composition procedure

How the preventive composition procedure is carried out

Analysis of the advantages involved in the preventive composition procedure

Question and answer session

Roxana Vlăsceanu

University studies
– Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest,
– Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, specialization Sociology, Social Policy and Public Administration Module, from the University of Bucharest
Postgraduate studies
– Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest – Master in the field of Community Administration of Justice
Professional experience
– Definitive lawyer, Bucharest Bar
– Insolvency Practitioner, National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania, Bucharest Branch

Roxana Vlășceanu is my name and I am a lawyer dedicated to the profession, which I have been practicing for 12 years. Agreement for legal advice to clients in matters of company law, mergers, divisions, restructurings, insolvency, as well as in the fields of labor law. We have also successfully represented numerous clients both before the authorities and before the courts. I believe in the traditional virtues that constitute the professional obligations of the lawyer: honor, probity and integrity and in a society based on respect for justice. I am convinced that beyond diplomas, titles and expertise, in the legal profession you must have grace.

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