Process improvement specialist

This course is addressing every person who would like to consolidate their knowledge in handling a quality management system, every person who is interested in lean manufacturing and developing the capabilities of organization they are working for. The course is addressing the continuous improvement specialists, the department managers, the quality managers, the production managers.

The activity of identifyding of the organization processes; the identification of the variation tendencies of the process and of the customer’s requests; the projecting of the methods and the communication of the information meant to improve the processes; the projecting of the process analysis and improvement; process improvement; development of the internal continous improvement system.

  • Understanding the process improvement concept
  • A history of industrial engineering and of the main initiatives of industrial processes improvement
  • Improvement management – measuring the process performance
  • Basic concepts: productivity , efficiency, efficacy
  • Lean manufacturing – process improvement strategy
  • Short history and present context
  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Toyota – detailed explanation of the concept and of each element that defines the lean strategy
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing the organization’s capability – the people : problem solving
    • PDCA method (plan-do-check-act)
    • 5 whys method – for simple problems
    • A3 method – for analyzing complex problems
  • Fundamental concepts: Value and Waste – understanding the value for the customer and identifying the waste in the current processes
  • 3 types of activities in any kind of process
  • Operational stability: 5S method, the visual factory, standards and standardized processes, employee training (the Job instruction method), stable and capable equipments (Total Productive Maintenance method)
  • Jidoka Pilon: Quality at the source, quality integrated in the processes
  • Just in time pilon: the flow concept, synchronized production, Value Stream Mapping analysis, quick manufacturing changes (the SMED method)
  • Leadership for change
  • Facilitating the change of processes – leadership concepts in operational excellency, situational leadership, the Job Relations method

Răzvan Burlacu

10 is the best grade in school. I can say the same about me when I am referring to the experience I have as a trainer and as a consultant. If I am talking about deadlines, I’m good with this too: my deadline is on Friday but I finish the job on Tuesday, but this is because today I am in Cluj, tomorrow in Brasov and then in Bucharest, to teach a training, be part of a teambuilding or some consultancy session I am involved in.

Education and professional certificates:

University Studies

  • Transilvania University Braşov, TCM Faculty, Specialization course in Unconventional Technologies


  • Sales skills – soft skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Advanced selling skills
  • Time management
  • Consultative Sales, B2B
  • Team Management
  • High performance leadership
  • Customer Communication
  • Sales to KA
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Prezentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Train the trainers
  • First Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: competitive management, customer relationship management, financial management)
  • Second Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: development and change management, resources management)
  • • Quality Auditor (code COR: 242303)
    • Coach (code COR: 241205)
    • Project Manager (code COR: 242101)
    • Expert in accessing structural and cohesion European funds (code COR: 241948)
    • Continuous professional development system evaluator (code COR: 242411)
    • Six Sigma Green Belt
    • Internal Auditor ISO TS:16.949: 2009
  •  Professional experience:
    • Coach
    • General director
    • Quality management consultant
    • Regional manager
    • Commercial director
    • Director of the Brasov office
    • Key account Manager
    • Supply system manager
    • Mechanical Engineer

Raluca Florea

I am an ecoomist but life took me to engineering. I know it sounds a bit odd: an aconomist working as a production manager, logistics manager, product development, but all these jobs have something in common: process improvement and loss reduction. Being exposed, for over 18 years, to problems of operational performance of different industrial areas offered me a complete understanding of the current challenges of the production environment, which took me to being a Lean Leader for Europe – Timken.

From 2007 I am a trainer and a consultant for industrial engineering and Lean management, having loss reduction as one of my goals, increasing productiviy and applying World Class Manufacturing Concepts and Operational Excellence.

Sometimes I am so passionate about Lean and process improvement that I could talk about them for days. I do stop, though, when I am in the middle of nature.

Education and professional certificates:


  • ASE , Marketing (1993-1997), Bucureşti


  • Ethics in bussiness- Maastricht University
  • Lean Manufacturing Techniques- Ghent University & CNIMMR Bucuresti- (P&M Van Goubergen Belgium)
  • Project Management – Institul Codecs
  • Training Within Industry – Lean Institute, Poland (Patrick Gaupp, Rob Wrona)
  • Trainer certificate – CNFPA
  • Train of trainers: Lean management, Advanced Lean Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance, SMED method – P&M Van Goubergen, Belgia
  • Train of trainers: Advanced 8 steps Problem Solving, Toyota method- Tom Rubin, USA Timken

Professional experience

  • Purchasing and logistics manager – Quadra Invest/ European Heritage
  • Quality director – Quadra Invest
  • Production director – Quadra Invest
  • Product development director – Quadra Invest
  • Trainer & Consultant- Productivity Center
  • Lean leader Europe – Timken Company

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