Quality system management

The course is addressing quality managers in public and private institutions.

It helps you to gain skills to handle the quality management processes by applying the PDCA cycle in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 standard and the ability to use methods and instruments specific to quality management in order to evaluate and improve the performance of the quality management processes.

  • Quality Management Systems
  • What is a quality managemt system?
  • Quality Management Standards
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Process based approach
  • Quality Management Implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 requirements description
  • Implementation planning
  • Implementation stages
  • Organizational context analisys
  • SMC applicability
  • Quality Management System Implementation
  • Risk based thinking
  • PDCA Cycle
  • Leadership and engagement
  • Quality objectives
  • How change is approached within the system
  • Change implementation stages
  • Outsourced processes, products and services
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Quality planning
  • Quality techniques
  • Process performance
  • Measurement systems analisys
  • Process risk management
  • Product traceability
  • Product/service quality assurance
  • Process quality control
  • Self control and inspections
  • Error avoidance techniques
  • Strategic quality management
  • Quality measurement, product performance
  • Cost quality administration
  • Lean, Kaizen, 5S
  • Multifunctional team roles
  • Operational quality management
  • Process monitoring and measurement
  • Operational standardization
  • Responsibility for quality
  • Multifunctional equipment purpose
  • Supplier – internal customer relationship
  • Customer complaint management
  • Quality coaching
  • Quality workers involvement
  • Internal Audit of Quality Management System
  • Audit process

Răzvan Burlacu

10 is the best grade in school. I can say the same about me when I am referring to the experience I have as a trainer and as a consultant. If I am talking about deadlines, I’m good with this too: my deadline is on Friday but I finish the job on Tuesday, but this is because today I am in Cluj, tomorrow in Brasov and then in Bucharest, to teach a training, be part of a teambuilding or some consultancy session I am involved in.


Educaţie şi certificate profesionale:

University Studies

Transilvania University Braşov, TCM Faculty, Specialization course in Unconventional Technologies


  • Sales skills – soft skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Advanced selling skills
  • Time management
  • Consultative Sales, B2B
  • Team Management
  • High performance leadership
  • Customer Communication
  • Sales to KA
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Prezentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Train the trainers
  • First Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: competitive management, customer relationship management, financial management)
  • Second Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: development and change management, resources management)
  • Quality Auditor (code COR: 242303)
  • Coach (code COR: 241205)
  • Project Manager (code COR: 242101)
  • Expert in accessing structural and cohesion European funds (code COR: 241948
  • Continuous professional development system evaluator (code COR: 242411)
  •  Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Internal Auditor ISO TS:16.949: 2009

Professional experience:
• Coach
• General director
• Quality management consultant
• Regional manager
• Commercial director
• Director of the Brasov office
• Key account Manager
• Supply system manager
• Mechanical Engineer

Adrian Crăciun

I am Adrian, I am an engineer and my whole life revolves around quality and the smell of freshly mowed hay.

If you are wondering what’s the link between quality and hay I will not give you a very accurate answer, but instead I will invite you to meditate about the similarities between the way the furrows are mowed and the quality systems in a company. Any process – out in the nature, in a factory or even at home – is charactherized by a quality system.

So, don’t be surprised if you see me passing every small or complex action through the quality filter. And because I want others to also understand and apply an appropriate quality system in they area of interest, I turned my passion for quality into being a trainer. Therefore, you will see me in the class rooms, making people debate important things about quality.

Education and professional certificates

University Studies

  • Faculty of Engineering, Specialization: Machine Building Technology (1976-1980)
  • “Lucian Blaga” University, Faculty of Engineering, Specialization: Technological and Managerial Engineering (1994-1997)

Postgraduate studies

  • ICTCM, Specialization: Reliability in the Machine Building Industry
  • Territorial Center for Calculations, Analysis and design of industrial information systems and products, Specialization: Analyst-programmer


  • Train the trainers certificate – Alpes Conseils, Franţa
  • Building a team and working in a team – Minardo
  • Tools for team work  – Quasaro
  • Internal auditors for quality system ISO 9001 și ISO 10011– Quasaro
  • Third party auditors for environment management systems in conformity with standard SR EN ISO 14001 – Şcoala pentru Calitate Partener
  • Specialization in Management Solutions for Quality and Environment  – KRUPP-BILSTEIN Werk, Germania
  • Internal auditors for environment management systems – Institutul Național de cercetare ECOIND
  • Internal auditors for quality system QS 9000 – Quasaro
  • Manager of Quality Management Systems – Management Consulting Group
  • ANC Authorized Coach – H&H Consulting

Professional Experience:

  • Quality environment Responsible  – Compa
  • Process Improvement Specialist  – Compa
  • Production manager  – Compa
  • Evaluation Expert – ANC
  • Environment Quality Security Director– Compa
  • Executiv Director, Consultant, Trainer – Standard Consult
  • Audit manager  – Compa
  • Head of process production control – Compa

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