The course is addressing all those who want to understand what entrepreneurial vision is, who want to know which are the necessary steps in growing a business, to those who want to understand what it means to build a profitable and successful business, who want to know what the business environment legislations is, to those who want to know how to write a good business plan and to grow from a good business idea to a functional business.

You will understand what a business plan means, you will gain the ability to transform business ideas into action, you will get to know the process of developing and and managing a successful business, you will be able to identify sources of funding for your business, you will know to to promote and sell the products and services that you are offering.

  • Identifying the features and defining the profile of the entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial principles
  • Recommended practices for an entrepreneurship defined by integrity
  • Development methods for entrepreneurial competences
  • Presentation of European and National legislation regarding the decisional transparency in public institutions
  • Business plan: utility, structure, content
  • Marketing plan: utility and structure; The Marketing Mix
  • Market analysis: demand, customers, competition
  • Financial plan. Financial performance. Identifying funding sources for the business
  • Product policy. Price policy. Promoting and selling the products
  • Methods for business funding. Self-funding vs. outside funding. Funding cost.
  • Identifying risky events. Managing risk.

Răzvan Burlacu

Professional experience:

  • Coach
  • General director
  • Quality management consultant
  • Regional manager
  • Commercial director
  • Director of the Brasov office
  • Key account Manager
  • Supply system manager
  • Mechanical Engineer


10 is the best grade in school. I can say the same about me when I am referring to the experience I have as a trainer and as a consultant. If I am talking about deadlines, I’m good with this too: my deadline is on Friday but I finish the job on Tuesday, but this is because today I am in Cluj, tomorrow in Brasov and then in Bucharest, to teach a training, be part of a teambuilding or some consultancy session I am involved in.

Education and professional certificates

University Studies

  • Transilvania University Braşov, TCM Faculty, Specialization course in Unconventional Technologies


  • Sales skills – soft skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Advanced selling skills
  • Time management
  • Consultative Sales, B2B
  • Team Management
  • High performance leadership
  • Customer Communication
  • Sales to KA
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Prezentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Train the trainers
  • First Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: competitive management, customer relationship management, financial management)
  • Second Stage of the international MBA program of OUBS (courses: development and change management, resources management)
  • Quality Auditor (code COR: 242303)
  • Coach (code COR: 241205)
  • Project Manager (code COR: 242101)
  • Expert in accessing structural and cohesion European funds (code COR: 241948)
  • Continuous professional development system evaluator (code COR: 242411)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Internal Auditor ISO TS:16.949: 2009

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